4 Outfit Pairings: How to Style Cargo Pants the Right Way

4 Outfit Pairings: How to Style Cargo Pants the Right Way

How Do You Wear Cargo Trousers in Surplus Style?

Learning to wear cargo pants stylishly is not as difficult as you think. If you have the right styling tricks in your sleeve, you can look fantastic in classic cargo trousers. In today's piece, the experts explore the best ways to wear cargo pants while looking terrific. So, whether you're looking for a new look to attempt or just some ideas, you'll find:

What Goes with Cargo Pants for Men?

Cargo trousers are ideal for men who wish to be comfortable while remaining stylish and well-dressed. But how can you wear them without seeming like you're going to work? It's as simple as that: combine them with the appropriate tops and shoes to ensure you're rocking them in style.


Keep in mind that cargo pants are not a formal fashion statement. Most designs are not even appropriate for smart-casual settings! Cargo pants for men should be worn when formality isn't an issue, and the goal is relaxed and comfy.

Wear Cargo Pants With:

  • Polo Tees
  • Polos are still fairly casual, but they can be dressed up with the appropriate accessories. When wearing a polo shirt with cargo trousers, leave it untucked and choose a fit that complements the cargo pants.

  • Shirts With a Casual Button-Down Collar
  • These can give a bit of formality to your attire without making it appear forced. Choose earth tones such as beige and brown to offer a military-style hue for your clothing.

  • T-Shirts 
  • T-shirts are usually a good choice for cargo pants. They're comfortable, come in many styles, and are easily dressed up or down. Ensure that your T-shirt fits appropriately and isn't too baggy.

  • Hoodies
  • It's ideal for lazy days when you don't want to think about your outfit too much. Put on grey hoodie and baggy cargo trousers and enjoy the ease of ultra-casual attire.

    How Should Cargo Pants Be Accessorised?

    Belts, watches, and sunglasses are ideal accessories to a cargo pants ensemble since they define your style and elevate your look.

    Belts can help you look slimmer. When wearing baggier cargo trousers, utilising a belt to tuck your waist can help you look thinner. A belt isn't required if your cargo pants are already slim-fitting.

    A watch is an excellent accessory for males. It's functional, fashionable, and can help you look more put-together. If you don't usually wear a watch, now is a good moment to start. A military or field watch can be an excellent method to portray a classic army look while adhering to the traditional use of cargo pants during the conflict.

    Sunglasses are ideal for bright days spent at the park with your children while wearing cargo trousers. They will, of course, assist in keeping the sun out of your eyes. They can, however, make you look more militaristic, especially if you wear aviators! Just make sure to select a style that complements your facial shape.

  • Discover Your Suitability
  • When it comes to this type of trouser, fit is essential. However, unlike tailoring, it is not all about the fit. Sure, you can put on a new pair of cargo pants that are sleek, tapered and made of excellent fabric, but only the slightly bulkier, straight-leg version can claim OG status.

  • Select Your Pockets
  • According to experts, the size and location of cargo trouser pockets can significantly affect whether they nod to the military or look like true standard-issue fatigues. Because of the pocket feature, cargo trousers make your legs appear bulkier. Therefore, the fit must complement your body shape.

    Large pockets that sag beneath their weight and sit towards your knees are true to the original cargo design. This is acceptable if you have the physique of a paratrooper. However, it would be less so if your only cargo is the occasional receipt and some change. In such instances, choose neater, more fitted pockets closer to your hips than your knees.


    Trousers are both practical and fashionable. If you need to stock up, this list has everything you need and then some. Want to keep looking? Go to the Bottle & Co. website for more cargo pant patterns you like.

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