Cargo Trousers Are Back- But Not in the Way Your Father Wore Them

cargo pants in india

Do you appreciate the look and feel of a typical pair of jeans but require something more versatile to accommodate your hectic lifestyle? Cargo trousers could be the answer for you.

These trousers will easily take you from work to the gym and back with plenty of pockets to keep your essentials. But, with so many various types and styles available, how can you know the best? Fortunately, the professionals have done their homework and compiled a list of the best cargo trousers for guys. Take a look before you buy cargo pants!

Men's Cargo Pants Style

Urban casual trousers might be excellent or dull, depending on how well they are styled. Whatever wardrobe concept you pursue, let your mood and event define the look.

The most common colours for cargo pants India are black, navy, and olive. Combat trousers with a tailored design look best with a slim-fitting shirt and Derby shoes. Add an oversized jacket, jumper, or sweatshirt to emphasise the relaxed fit of baggy cargo pants.

Don't ever wear cargo pants with a formal dress. It simply does not fit. While people who despise cargo pants are merely overreacting, it does not change the reality that combat trousers lack the classiness of dress pants.

Why Are Cargos, Whether for Men or Women, Back in Style?

Women's or men's cargo trousers are an extraordinary eye-catcher at a time when jeans and trousers are not always comfy. This garment provides a lot of flexibility of movement, especially around the knees and other joints. 

The diversity of style that cargo provides is another evident quality of this clothing. Even though it is more streetwear, it is a globally pretty neutral garment. As a result, it may be worn with a wide range of styles, including rock, rap, sophisticated, and even casual.

cargo pants pockets

This significant level of customisation makes it a timeless piece. Even better, cargo is increasingly becoming a necessity for many people.

Considerations for Choosing Cargo Pants

Before the experts recommend the best cargo pants India for men, they would like to review the variables they took into account. You can also apply these guidelines when looking for combat trousers.

  • Size
  • Size is the most crucial consideration when selecting tailored casual attire. Cargo trousers purists rarely buy slender versions because they believe the thinness negates the objective of the combat trouser. This is because these trousers are designed to allow people to carry stuff without pain.

    You can, however, think outside the box by slimming down your cargo pants. Many people prefer straight-leg and roomy trousers to tapered trousers.

    If you choose baggy cargo trousers, ensure the trouser fits perfectly around your waist. Don't buy it if it's too baggy around the waist. Before ordering your battle trouser, measure your thighs and abdomen.

  • Cargo Pockets
  • The patch pocket is the cargo pockets' unique selling point since it accommodates goods that are too large for the slash pocket.

    cargo pants pockets

    The patch pocket should be significant but not too-so. You also don't want to get cargo pants with a patch pocket smaller than the slash pocket. The patch pocket might be located on the garment's back, front thigh, or knee. When selecting cargo pants, take into account the number of patch pockets.

  • Colour
  • Men's cargo pants are most popular in mature colours like black, brown, grey, green, and khaki.

  • Used Materials
  • The material utilised is just as crucial as the size. While most cargo pants are thicker than dress pants, the thickness or thinness should be determined by the season. Choose ultra-thin cargo pants for the sweltering summer months.

  • Style 
  • Cargo trousers brands that stand out have distinct designs. Some want a practical look, while others prefer a traditional functional look with a dash of extravagance. It all comes down to your preferences and ambitions.

    Final Thoughts

    Buy cargo pants at Bottle & Co. utilizing the criteria outlined previously in this guide. Examine the product's price as well as the shipping costs. Try not to sacrifice quality on the altar of price. Five genuine cargoes are preferable to 10 forgeries.


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