Five Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Five Reasons Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to
participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by
millions of people, can transform the world says
Howard Zinn, the famous author and a historian. The
adage simplifies the rule of sustainability. And defining
sustainable fashion, especially now, when our planet is
bearing the brunt of coronavirus pandemic has become
all the more significant. A healthy environment is the
underscore of well- being and happiness of the human
beings. Fashion being an important aspect of people and
societies needs to be evolved for sustainability.
Let us take a closer look at the term, “sustainable
fashion” and delve deep into the reasons that make it
imperative to contemporary world.

Cuts Down On Carbon Footprint

A healthy planet is emblematic of a healthy and happy
inhabitants which makes it essential to reserve our
natural resources and protect the environment. The
McKinsey research carried out in 2018 clearly points
towards that Fashion Industry’s contribution towards
the greenhouse -gas emissions which 4 percent of the
global total. The responsibility for abatement of carbon
emissions lies on the manufacturers as well as the
buyers. Creators of eco-friendly garments take all the
necessary steps that bring down the carbon emissions
and also use renewable energy in their supply chain.
By buying clothes from brands that abide by a zero-
waste ethos adds to the effort of reducing carbon

Decreases Textile Waste

Fast fashion has become a major hazard as tonnes of
textile garbage is burnt or goes into the landfills that
ruins the ambient air quality and soil health. Clothing
longevity is the only answer to curb the menace of “use
and discard” garments. The need of the hour is to
accentuate on creating sustainable fashion clothing
using long-lasting material with the focus on timeless
collection. So as to deliver the planet Earth of the vices
like pollution and depletion of resources, let us take a
small step towards joining the movement that promotes
higher-quality clothing and accessories under the
umbrella of sustainable fashion.

Worker Friendly Initiative 
The golden rule that the companies dealing with ethical
and sustainable clothing follow is to safeguard the
rights of the workers including safe working
environment, decent wages, zero-exploitation in the
name of gender, caste, creed and religion. Unlike fast
fashion brands that thrive upon low priced clothing
where employees and craftsmen are paid inadequately,
the units manufacturing sustainable garments abstain
from exploitation of any form. Instead, they vouch for
the well- being of their workforce thus living up to their
commitment of fair and ethical practices for the larger
good of humanity.

Fueled by genuine beliefs of the global, social and
environmental responsibilities, the manufacturers of
sustainable and ethical clothing are the torchbearers of
change for good. These companies take pride in
bringing about a positive change by adhere to the ethics
that revolve around the theory of, “saving the natural
resources of the world”. Gradually, more and more
people are getting motivated and are joining the

movement of sticking to sustainable clothing as it adds
to your pride of doing things differently yet in the
interest of the planet and humanity at large.

As they say, style is timeless and an individual who
creates his own style may not need to follow the short-
lived fashion trends. In other words, creating your
distinctive style will keep the fast fashion trends at bay
which is a blessing for the sustainable world. There is
not an iota of doubt that sustainable clothing is timeless
which can be tailored and repaired. The best way is to
check-out for the clothing with your favourite colours,
pattern, texture and fit as this curtails the surplus
articles in your closet. Also, an ideal, stylish wardrobe
reflects your persona and speaks volumes for your
social responsibility.

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