Style Guide: How are Jogger Pants in Style Today?

Men's and Women Joggers

Jogger pants were previously known as gym jogger pants; people mainly wore them while working out. The recent year has seen the evolution of jogger pants, making them a versatile outfit option for many. These pants have created and moulded a stylish niche for themselves. A common question most people want is: Are jogger pants in style today? 

Yes, now you can find several websites offering different types of joggers. What's more, it's really easy to style with these pants. Cotton joggers for men and women are the best option for those preferring comfortable outfits. 

The increasing demand for jogger pants among men and women is due to their versatility and flexibility. Moreover, several brands have also introduced sustainable clothing, including jogger pants. Websites like Bottle&Co offer an exclusive collection of stylish jogger pants that's surely a head-turner.

Can You Jogger Pants from Sustainable Fashion Brands?

More and more brands are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by introducing sustainable clothing. Consumers are also choosing these brands over fast fashion companies. So, it's easy to find a brand offering sustainable jogger pants. People are making more conscious decisions when buying certain products. 

Sustainable joggers and sweatpants are an incredible way to dress comfortably while playing an essential role in saving the environment. Mindful fashion is a popular choice as they are made of durable and high-quality material. These clothing generally use recycled or upcycled materials and undergo renewable manufacturing processes. 

Moreover, brands manufacturing eco-friendly clothing produce less waste and use less energy. This helps to limit contribution towards global warming too. So, now you can style in trendy and eco-friendly jogger pants whenever you want.

What Are the Different Types and Styles of Jogger Pants?

There are various types of jogger pants available made of different materials, such as:


  1. Cotton Joggers: Cotton joggers for men and women are made of a breathable cotton blend or pure cotton material. They are ideal for various occasions and offer a comfortable fit. You can get them in various styles and colors like solid colors, patterned, or printed. 
  2. Leather Joggers: Leather joggers are among the most stylish leather-like, durable material pieces. You can dress these joggers up or down depending on your occasion. Commonly, leather joggers are available in dark colors like brown or black and have a more streamlined fit than other jogger types. 
  3. Fleece Joggers: These joggers come in warm fleece and soft material and are ideal as winter bottom wear. Usually, you can choose fleece joggers in simple patterns or solid colors. The fabric is thicker compared to the cotton one
  4. Denim Joggers: Currently, denim joggers are trending too. They are available in denim fabric and are most suitable for casual wear. You may get them in different wash styles ranging from light to dark. Denim joggers are more fitted, unlike cotton ones that offer a relaxed fit. 

Finally, your type or material of jogger pants will mostly depend on the occasion or your style. For winter wear, fleece and leather joggers are most suitable, while cotton and denim could be ideal for summertime. 

The different styles of jogger pants are:

  • Smart Joggers: As their name implies, they are tailored to offer a more tapered fit that is less saggy at the knees. These are more suitable as formal wear.
  • Sporty Joggers: These joggers are best suited as sportswear. Performing sports activities are more comfortable in these joggers as they are slimmer and offer a slick look.
  • Everyday Joggers: This one's great as every day or casual wear and is versatile, offering unbeatable comfort.

  • Are Jogger Pants for Men Different from Women's Joggers?
    men and women joggers

    There was a significant difference between men's and women's wear. However, times have changed, so you're likely to find more unisex clothing offered by ethical brands like Bottle&Co. Cotton joggers for men are similar to those of women in that both are comfortable and offer immense flexibility.

    The main difference lies in the fit. Joggers for men are usually designed to fit men and comes with larger pockets, longer inseam, and wider waistband. On the contrary, women's jogger pants are the best fit for women's bodies as they have slimmer waistbands, shorter inseams, and smaller pockets. 

    There is also a significant difference in their styling. Jogger pants for men have more sporty or utilitarian features like reflective detailing, zippers etc. It helps men to achieve a cooler look. Women's joggers might have decorative elements to add a feminine touch, like embroidery, lace, buttons etc. Are you searching for an authentic shopping site to get the most stylish piece of joggers? Bottle&Co heard your demands and has presented you with the best collection. Browse through our clothing line and get your favorite product right now. 

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