Top 4 Ways in Which Women can Style with Harem Pants

Harem Pants

Who doesn’t want a pant in a unisex design and style for everyday activities? Be it a workout, lounging around, or going to work, harem pants can be your all-time go-to option. 

If you are trying it for the first time, choosing the right style from a wide range of pants can be challenging. These are stylish options with a grip at the bottom from elastic, ribbon, or a separate fabric piece. Harem pants for women are popular in solid colours like brown, black, and grey, and you can pair them with a print top for a stylish finish.  

How can Beginners Style with Harem Pants? 

Try to know the stylish match option with harem pants so that you don’t go wrong with matching it with tops and shoes of your choice. The trending options are:

  • Print harem pants with solid colour top
  • Pair harem pants with stylish pair of heels. It helps flaunt your height and lower body part at their best 
  • Wear a tuck-in shirt or use a flattering belt to bring a twist to your everyday look with harem pants 
  • Harems from natural fabrics like cotton or silk have a good finish and are easy to drape 
  • If you wish to emphasise your style statement with harem pants, a crop top is the best to bring out the look you want  

Can You Try White and Black Tops with Harem Pants?

Low-waist women's harem pants are quite a trend. The feminine attire suits office wear but pairs up with the right kind of top. Try black or brown pants with solid colour tops, a matching cardigan, and heels to complete the look. Choose the top and heels that complement the harem pant look. 

The loose-fitting harem pants for women are a popular choice, which is a mix of comfort and bohemian style. Whether a casual get-together or a shopping plan, a solid colour pants with a loose-fitting crop top is the best option. Finish the look with open-toe heels and a long necklace that gears up the attire. 

How to Style your Black Harem?

Do you wish to style your black harem pants with a leather jacket? It can be a popular option that creates a cool vibe, making one look comfortable and classy. If you aren’t comfortable in skinny jeans and want to style up with your leather jacket, harem pants can be your saviour with a pair of your favourite heels. 
black harem pants

If jackets are your favourite, try with a low waist harem pants. You can wear ankle boots to heighten the look and bring out a chic look at its best. 

Are you a fan of blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt? If so, a white tank top and black harem pants can be popular. It is a casual look yet stylish. Carry a black purse or wear a bracelet to personalise and add details to an otherwise casual look. 


Can You Style with High Waist Pants?

High Waist PantsIf minimalist styles are your kind, high- waist  harem pants for women can be your pick. Pair it with a white drop-shoulder top and white heels that define your lower body structure in the best way possible. It is sure to give an artistic look and flaunt your beauty.   

Loose harem pants are great for dance, allowing you to try any movement. You can try pants with monochromic hues for work, as it creates a formal vibe. Pair it with minimal and sleek jewellery. 

Also, harem pants are yoga favourite options as it doesn’t restrict movements. Wear with a solid colour tank top for a comfortable yoga dress.   

Sustainable Fabrics for Harem Pants 

Using eco-friendly harem pant materials is a step towards introducing organic apparel. From recycling to production, the manufacturing team should not compromise on the fabric quality, ensuring total comfort. It can significantly reduce the environmental impact of each item. 

The sustainable fabric options are organic cotton, recycled polyester and cotton, and eco fabrics. Goodbye to the boring jeans, as the multi-purpose hoppers or harem pants are here to stay for every occasion and season. 

Harem Pants for Every Occasion 

Whether you dance, do yoga, or work, harem-style pants are available in a wide array. Be careful with the pick of tops and jewellery options to keep the look minimalist. The main idea behind choosing harem pants centres on the comfort and the free flow style offers. The style and comfort factor are the main reasons for the increasing popularity of this version of the pants. 

If you are tired of trying skinny jeans or pants, harem pants for women are sure to add variety to your wardrobe. This is where Bottle&Co offers a wide range of the latest pants. These are from premium organic materials. The main idea of the manufacturing team is to build an eco-friendly environment with every product. It is to ensure minimal damage to the environment and create a sustainable tomorrow.

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