What's the Difference Between Joggers and Sweatpants?

oversized jogger pants

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've surely noticed the rising popularity of a new trend in activewear: joggers. When worn correctly, joggers can give you a cool, put-together, and trendy look, but if you don't get it right, they can make you appear unfashionable and sloppy. With numerous options available and a mix of successful and unsuccessful attempts, many individuals are curious about what sets jogger pants apart. 

So, if you search the same on the internet, it ends here. This post has prepared some excellent tips for you to style in your oversized jogger pants.  

What Are Joggers?

Joggers typically feature a loose fit at the top and a tapered, skinny design towards the bottom, complete with an extended elastic cuff at the leg openings. As their name suggests, joggers are specifically suitable for physical activities. 

oversized jogger pants

They prioritise your comfort and mobility by utilising materials ideal for athletic purposes. Common fabric choices for joggers include cotton, fleece, and polyester. These types of joggers are perfect for your morning run or jog and for engaging in sports activities with your friends or family.

What Are Sweatpants?

Sweatpants, like sweaters and sweatshirts, are specifically for winter and colder climates. During winter, wearing thick sweatpants is essential for your activewear requirements. These sweatpants offer equivalent flexibility and convenience as joggers while providing a comparable level of comfort. 

They complement sweatshirts and hoodies perfectly, making them an ideal choice for winter attire. These relaxed and cosy pants, featuring an elastic or drawstring waist, are suitable for workouts or leisure activities.

Jogger vs Sweatpants: Which One Will You Choose?

Now that you know their close connection, understanding the distinctions between Joggers and Sweatpants will undoubtedly assist you in determining the right choice for your current needs. The key variation lies in the thickness of the fabric, so it's crucial to consider both the climate of your location and the intended purpose of the pants. 

Once you have narrowed down these two factors, you can decide which one is suitable for outdoor activities and which provides optimal comfort for relaxing at home.

Are Jogger Pants Available from Sustainable Fashion Brands?

With the increasing emphasis on reducing carbon footprints, many brands are embracing sustainable practices in their clothing production. As a result, consumers are actively choosing these brands over fast fashion companies. 

Consequently, finding brands that offer sustainable options for jogger pants has become easier. People are now making more mindful decisions when purchasing certain products.

Sustainable joggers and sweatpants provide comfort and play a significant role in environmental conservation. Mindful fashion has gained popularity due to its utilisation of durable, high-quality materials. These garments are often made from recycled or upcycled materials and undergo renewable manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, eco-friendly clothing brands generate less waste and consume less energy, thereby reducing global warming. Now, you can effortlessly incorporate trendy and environmentally-friendly oversized jogger pants into your wardrobe.

What Is the Difference Between Jogger Pants for Men and Women?

In the past, there was a noticeable distinction between men's and women's clothing. However, times have changed, and ethical brands like Bottle&Co now offer more unisex options. Regarding cotton joggers, both men and women can enjoy the comfort and flexibility they provide.

women jogger pants

The primary difference lies in the fit of the joggers. Men's joggers typically suit the male body, featuring larger pockets, longer inseams, and wider waistbands. On the other hand, women's jogger pants fit women's bodies precisely, with slimmer waistbands, shorter inseams, and smaller pockets.

Styling also sets them apart. Men's joggers often incorporate sporty or utilitarian elements such as reflective detailing and zippers, adding to their cool and athletic aesthetic. On the other hand, women's joggers may include decorative elements like embroidery, lace, or buttons to provide a feminine touch.

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